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The book provides a collection of adults’ learning reports about their life experiences while reminiscing, telling and preparing their life stories in guided autobiography workshops and were submitted for the research projects supporting the workshops.  It is prepared as an educational qualitative research study in a format for those interested in exploring and extracting the potentials of adult learning associated with meaning-making events and activities enhancing social interactions and developmental exchanges. The book includes background studies of adult learning, the context of the research study, and collected learning reports from participants about their learning experiences in nine community based guided autobiography workshops. The book includes the final Commissioned Research Report to the Canadian Council on Learning that provides details about the research study of the collected data set, the initial findings of participants’ reports about their learning experiences, and two subsequent published studies. 

The Qualitative Research Study is being made available for at no cost or obligation to interested parties. Please contact james.thornton@nullubc.ca for more information.


The book’s Content – 270 pages: 

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: The Question: Why did I ask the question?
  • Part 2: Research Grant and Research Protocols
  • Part 3: Participant’s Learning Reports
  • Part 4: Research Materials
  • Part 5: CCL Commissioned Research Report
  • Part 6: Two Published Papers
  • Part 7: About Us.