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Learning Reports

What I am learning in this guided autobiography workshop?

Here are five learning reports from the Vernon, British Columbia, Workshop in 2005

I am learning.…


One of the important things I have come to realize through this workshop is that it is important that I pass on to my children, and maybe others, a record of myself and my life.

It is important to my sense of well being to know that this record will live on after I am dead.

It will likely be the only record other than some snapshots, a few mentions in the local museum and Statistics Canada [.]

(I know the record will be appreciated and valued by my children because I have asked them.)

I know what the value to me would be if I had an autobiography of my parents and grandparents.

Apart from being a stimulation to writing my autobiography two important things I have learned are…

One: how my memory could be stimulated by thinking about the questions received for each of the themes as well as talking about my memories to others and listening to and discussing others’ memories.

Two: that the process of recall can be “formalized” by breaking my life into “themes” as suggest & thus the interpretation of events in my life are as important as the events themselves.

I also learned that in, memory, simplifying complex events is important if I am going to put them to pen.

MAN – 73 – BCom – GAB1:2005 – VERNON, BC



In this autobiography workshop I have learned the importance of writing about  my life.

Many events and experiences that were forgotten opened up.

Talking and sharing my life within this group made it easy to laugh or cry about some issues.

I realize that others have also had many similar experiences…
so … behind our mask we are all the same and different.

How can we be anything but understanding and compassionate.

This program gave me a new start to writing about my life.

I have been avoiding this task for sometime…

so … thank you Jim for this enlightening experience.

WOMEN – 64 – PS – GAB 1:2005 – VERNON, BC



Good Morning, Tom [Jim]

Please don’t expect from me to have the evaluation form filled out.

As you may remember I don’t know who gave you my name to contact me.

I was very surprised but I knew that many friends and acquaintances had asked me to write my Memoirs, specially since the interview in the Morning Star in 2003 can out.

I started many times and now during this course I had to do it.

But I had never thought it would be such an emotional undertaking.

The small group was a blessing although I realized that my life has been so different and maybe for some people hard to apprehend.

The memories which came suddenly back were often painful.

I often felt I had lived on a different planet.

I plan that during this summer I shall continue what I had done so far.

Lately I had read some biographies, Vladimir Poznera : “Parting with Illusions”.

(This could almost be the title of my biography)!!!

The other one is Lee Iacocca : “Talking Straight.”

Another one which sure took courage to write.

As I said, I will not give up but I have to settle down.

Now the Theatre Season is over and my volunteer work almost finished I shall try again.

Thanks for all you taught us.

Have a great summer.

                             WOMEN – 90 – PS – GAB 1:2005 – VERNON, BC



In answer to your question “What am I learning in this Guided Autobiography Workshop?

I am learning how to express my thoughts and emotions right from the heart.

This my [is] story and I’m telling it my way.

I’m learning to trust my intuition in what I say.

I have some fear of hurting family members but ultimately the truth is better than a “pretty story”.

I’m learning ways of expressing the bad times without malice.

I’m learning that my story is interesting and the others pay attention to it!

I’m gaining confidence in my ability to write.

I’m learning that I can relive some of the bad times, particularly deaths of family members, and come out of it stronger by writing about it.

I’m learning the importance of writing my story, particularly because I have lost three siblings and the only way their children will know their parent’s history is through my telling of it.

I’m learning that you’re never too old to learn!

I’m learning how much my own parents influenced my life and how grateful I am to them.

I’m learning to appreciate my life and live from gratitude.

WOMEN – 66 – BEd – GAB 1:2005 – VERNON, BC


CASE #10 – GAB I

Jim –

What am I learning in this Guided Autobiography Workshop?

I am learning to trust.

I am learning not to judge others.

I am learning to have faith in myself.

I am learning to forgive myself.

I am learning to have better self-esteem.

I am learning to love myself.

I am learning to love others.

I am learning to let the small stuff go.

I am healing the past.

I am looking forward to the future.

U – U – U – GAB 1:2005 – VERNON, BC


Guidelines – Scope

The learning reports #1 to #142, available in the Research Study on pages 38-199, are presented here in the format that was originally used in the QDA4 Minor research project to provide space for coding each statement as a ‘single sentence’ or ‘complete phrase’. For each learning report, it was proposed that coding occur in this order to  identify – first, about learning process or outcome; second, about learning expanding or contracting developments; and third, the major topic suggest by the statement or phrase.  Each coder, Thornton or Collins, often reversed the coding order as the project developed if the report was complex and detailed. Each learning report is printed as written and is not corrected for spelling.  In a few statements or phrases, a word was added in [..] if appropriate and verified.

Information about each participant by Case # – Gender, Age, Education, Birthplace, Workshop: Year, and Location – is provided on page(s) 196-199 in the research study.

You can access the complete set of learning reports and the research and coding guidelines by downloading it from the Qualitative Research Study sub page Download Research Study.